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New York Shower Doors

WHAT ARE ADANTAGES OF SHOWER DOOR Frameless shower doors keeps the look clean and sleek, its definitely a step up. glass enclosures are the best way to keep the space open and airy. With a frameless door, there's no visual separation, which make the space look larger and more spacious. Unlike framed doors, they don't hide the beautiful tile work in the shower. Frameless doors also easier to clean

212 Shower Doors is a family owned and operated business that specializes in shower doors and shower enclosures in NYC as well as glass backsplashes and mirrors. We provide you with our experience based expertise for planning, selecting, and installing shower enclosures and shower doors that are practical, high quality, and esthetically pleasing. Whether you desire a simple replacement with stock doors or a totally new high concept shower enclosure, we can meet all of your needs; let us expertly provide you with quality products, service, and workmanship in the New York City area


Some home owners attempt to install their own shower enclosures with the goal of saving money. While there may be some initial savings, it may not represent money well saved. Shower doore nstallation is not as easy and simple as it may appear; the result may be added expenses in the future.

Several hassles and risks should be considered before deciding for the self-installation of shower doors. The first difficulty comes at the very beginning while taking the measurements; walls are usually not plumb and floors are often not level with result being an ill-fitting installation --a problem not easily remedied. Unsightly caulking may help, but even the slightest gaps can result in water damage leading to costly repairs. Secondly, the shower door glass panels are large, heavy, and difficult to handle presenting numerous obstacles to overcome; aligning panels and securing the heavy shower doors are particularly challenging. Improperly installed shower doors also lead to leakage.

Let us do your NYC shower door installation correctly for you the first time and provide you with a finished product that looks good and functions properly. Remember we guarantee our work for five years!